Launch Week!

   I submitted the book to the iBookstore 48 hours ago, and am now waiting nervously for their approval, which can take between 2 days and 2 weeks, apparently. If it's not approved by Friday, I'll have a PDF version for sale here on this page. Once it goes live, I'll send a discount code to everyone who ordered the PDF and you can get a free copy of the iBooks  version on the iBookstore. This means you'll be in the loop for future free updates of the book as well.

   I'm also working frantically on a Kindle version, which I hope to submit sometime late tonight. I'll find out whether I can do the same discount code with Amazon as well. If so, I'll do the same PDF deal if the book isn't live on Friday; if not, the Kindle version will be available whenever it goes live.

   ~Steve Mouzon


   I asked for a hundred reviewers and over 200 of you showed up! I'll have my hands full linking to all of your posts on your blogs, LinkedIn, Google+, Quora, and Facebook next Friday, but it's my intent to get all of you interconnected where everyone can see what each of you think! Please be sure to send me a link to your review so I can include it. If you're in town Friday night (the 27th) we're doing a launch party at MakeShop Miami… please stop by! I'll be doing the normal launch party stuff of bringing food and drinks, but doing the not-so-usual thing of talking about how you can publish this way, too. It'll be as much how-to as woo-hoo… please join us! Details to follow.

   ~Steve Mouzon

Three in One

   Most of us don't read long books today because we're too busy, right? With a paper book, you have no choice but to either skip around and possibly miss important stuff, or read all the way through. But because New Media for Designers + Builders is an e-book, it can link to things on the internet. So what I've done is put the things in the book that every designer or builder should know about the New Media, then used this site to organize things that only some people need to know because (1) others already know the basics of something, or (2) some people don't use certain tools for their work. This means that the book accesses roughly 3 times as much content as is actually in the book. Cool, eh?


   When you go to most pages on this site, you'll first see the topics that are in the corresponding chapter in the book. Below that are the articles that only some designers and builders need to know.

   ~Steve Mouzon

Book Community

   Many readers make comments in the margins of paper books they read, but nobody else sees the comments unless they pick up that reader's copy of the book. I built this website to host those comments in a large community where everyone can see everyone else's comments, and where conversations can break out unexpectedly.

   Each section of New Media for Designers + Builders has Comment buttons. Clicking Comment in New Media for Designers + Builders takes you to the appropriate page in this site where you comment on that section, just like you're commenting on a blog post. Once you're finished commenting, just close the browser window and the book is still open underneath.

   And just like a blog, anyone could see the comments from anywhere on the internet, so they could join the conversation even if they don't have the book. And of course, there will be links to where you can buy New Media for Designers + Builders online so anyone that doesn't already have the book can buy it if they like.

   What do you think? If I'm missing something in one of the chapters, please let me know. My most recent book, the Original Green, is far better today because of all the input site readers gave before its publication. What am I missing? What would you do better? Let's talk!

   ~Steve Mouzon

New Media Presentation at the Pro Expo

   Welcome to my Pro Expo colleagues! Here's my presentation that I promised you. It's a pdf file; please feel free to download it and use it however it's helpful. Technically, it's copyrighted, but I'm a big believer in ideas that spread, so please use it to your benefit… the only thing I ask is that you tell people where you found it.

   One other thing… I do a weekly New Media newsletter that details the latest tips and tricks I'm learning. Please subscribe to the newsletter if you're interested.

   ~Steve Mouzon

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