Three in One

   Most of us don't read long books today because we're too busy, right? With a paper book, you have no choice but to either skip around and possibly miss important stuff, or read all the way through. But because New Media for Designers + Builders is an e-book, it can link to things on the internet. So what I've done is put the things in the book that every designer or builder should know about the New Media, then used this site to organize things that only some people need to know because (1) others already know the basics of something, or (2) some people don't use certain tools for their work. This means that the book accesses roughly 3 times as much content as is actually in the book. Cool, eh?


   When you go to most pages on this site, you'll first see the topics that are in the corresponding chapter in the book. Below that are the articles that only some designers and builders need to know.

   ~Steve Mouzon

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