New Media Workshop at Celebration

Tuition $50

We’ll provide refreshments; lunch is on your own at one of Celebration’s Main Street restaurants nearby.

   Join me 9 AM - 4 PM November 8 for a day at Celebration, Florida jam-packed with the latest New Media know-how! The fast-paced morning session is packed with tips and techniques on the following:

Why New Media?


We’ll start by looking at how business is changing more than it has at any time in our lifetimes. We’ll look at what that means, especially for designers and builders. What once worked doesn’t work so well anymore, but the new tools may actually work better for you than anything else you’ve ever tried before.



Your blog should be the keystone of your New Media ecosystem. We’ll look at the basics first, such as how to blog and how to do it. Then we’ll take a look at some bonus stuff, like Google ads, blogging tweet-casts, and ClickToTweet.


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Twitter so dominates micro-blogging that we’ll mainly be looking at Twitter, but the lessons apply if you micro-blog elsewhere. Like blogging, we’ll look at why to do it, how to do it, and the top ten rules of microblogging. We’ll then look at some bonus items like the (relatively) new Twitter graphics and the benefits of tweet-chats.



A decade ago, people debated whether to have a website… and we know how that worked out. Get ahead of the curve on the other eleven nodes of your New Media ecosystem. Before we’re done, we'll look at is a site I’ve built recently which I feel redefines web marketing in several good ways.



Speaking seems so Old Media… and also so terrifying… but we’ll look at why it should be part of what you do. Also, how do you get started speaking? And what are the most important rules once you get going?

Idea Cards


Don’t ever have business cards again. They do nothing good for you anymore, but Idea Cards do, for reasons we’ll discuss. Simply put, the Spam Vaccination means people don’t want to know about your business anymore, but they may listen for hours about your great idea.



Some of the most prominent designers + builders share their know-how freely… if you know where to look. But most high-level online discussions are peculiar places. You need to know the unwritten rules so that you’ll be welcomed back again and again. 



We all know email… don’t we? We’ll look at some basic principles here that help feed other nodes of your New Media ecosystem, and that might just lift some of the burden that email is today for pretty much all of us.

Mailing Lists


This is the one part of a New Media ecosystem where we’re still allowed to broadcast information… so long as we get everyone’s permission beforehand. We’ll discuss details of the best ways of going about this, and getting good results.



Almost every designer or builder has an image library because we’re visual people. But what could you be doing to collect better images? Or organize them better where it’s easier to find what you’re looking for? Half hardware, half software, all helpful, I believe.



There are several ways of getting your stuff out there in durable fashion, from paper books to e-books to e-zines to apps, and several other media as well. We’ll look at the most important considerations of each.



Many people think of online communities like Facebook when they think of New Media. There’s much more, of course, but you shouldn’t ignore this one simply because so many people are there. We’ll look at several of them that are important to designers + builders.



This medium is becoming more important to us now. What are the different video modes you might use? What equipment do you need? What’s a “fluid head” tripod, and why might you need it? And how do you handle audio, which can be audio’s weak link?

The Afternoon Session


That’s all highly useful information, but the most fun promises to be after lunch. Since the Meltdown, designers + builders have gotten really creative in order to survive, developing cool strategies and techniques they never considered before. Problem is, we haven’t seen much of each other since 2008, so most of us don’t know what most of the rest of us have been working on. So we’ll be doing a swap-fest of ideas about business that work better today.

   When you register, just send me a note letting me know you’d like to present your idea, and I’ll save you a slot. To register, click the Pay Now button. Paypal handles payments. See you November 8! And if anyone wants to stick around, I’m doing an Original Green presentation in the same room that evening.

   ~Steve Mouzon

Tuition $50

We’ll provide refreshments; lunch is on your own at one of Celebration’s Main Street restaurants nearby.

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