Save the Date

   The first New Media Workshop for Designers + Builders is coming November 8 to Celebration, Florida. I’m really excited about this event… the first half of the day will step through a how-to of the latest New Media techniques useful to designers or builders, and the second half promises to be fascinating. Here’s why:

   Since the Meltdown, designers and builders have gotten really creative in order to survive, developing cool strategies and techniques they never considered before. Problem is, we haven’t seen much of each other since 2008, so most of us don’t know what most of the rest of us have been working on. So we’ll be doing a swap-fest of ideas about business that work better today.

   When you register, just send me a note letting me know you’d like to present your idea, and I’ll save you a slot. To register, click the Pay Now button. Paypal handles payments. See you November 8!

   ~Steve Mouzon

Early Bird Tuition $50

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