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Asking for Suggestions

   It's a good idea to ask your readers for suggestion for several reasons, including the following:

   * They know things you don't know about the things you often write about.

   * If they respond once, they're more likely to respond in the future, so long as you treat their response thoughtfully and with respect. …

Beautiful Link Chiclets

   I just found this page, which is an excellent collection of 55 designs for link chiclets that have been well-designed to be consistent with the character of the site. Have a look for some excellent inspiration!

Blogging Homework

   What all might change if college students had to turn in their assignments on a blog, visible to anyone? I'm the instructor for an online class at the University of Miami School of Architecture this summer. …


Cape Town 11DEC15 8232

Cape Town, which is where I was when I wrote this piece

   A BlogOff compounds the benefits of blogging in several ways... so much so that it might be considered an important part of the still-mythical Web 3.0. Here's how a BlogOff works:

Burning Sandvox Feeds

   I was trying to register my blog with Technorati, but having a problem with the Feed URL. If you go to my blog's homepage and click the Subscribe to RSS Feed button it takes you here:

CSS Editor

   Learning CSS was a bridge too far for me. I appreciate its core principle, which is similar to the way that styles work in word processing programs: set the style in one place and it gets reflected everywhere in the document that you use that style. …

Facebook Comments


   The general idea behind Facebook Comments is that it allows people to comment on your site using their Facebook identities. To use Facebook Comments, you do need a Facebook account, but you don't have to friend anyone. …

Google+ Gobbledygook

   Posting on Google+ using the +1 button can be weird. The favicon and the page title shows up ok, but in the description below that, it picks up the beginning of the page's navigation menu. …

iPhone Icon Maker

   I was making some chiclets for my Original Green site, and wanted the icons to look like iPhone icons. This is because the iPhone is considered the height of cool, and if you're choosing between cook and kludgy, it's clearly better to pick something cool.

Link-Rich Blogging

   Link-rich blogging is the blogosphere's equivalent of agriculture's legumes: entities that exist to feed others. Legumes fix nitrogen in the soil, and all plants around them benefit. …

Making it Real

   Your blog should be based first on your ideas. They make you remarkable, and that's what makes your business viable. But if you always blog about theory, people are fair to question what happens when your ideas are tested in the real world. …

Making Tag Clouds

   There are several ways of building tag clouds for which you'll pay a monthly fee, or have to buy software, but why not make them for free? After some serious hiccups caused by a huge migration from delicious,

Manipulating the Sidebar

   Sandvox handles sidebars very nimbly. If you change any sidebar item in a site, Sandvox changes that item on every other page on the site. This is a huge time-saver. You control which sidebar items you're seeing on each page by going to the Page Inspector and clicking on the Appearance tab. …

Modifying Sandvox Designs

Where to Start

   Do you have any custom Designs that are closer to the look of the site you want to build than a stock Sandvox Design? I modified the Clean Sheets Design to create the Original Green design, then modified the

Polling Readers

   Here's a post I did asking for advice on OG-TV. I got several good responses, both via blog comments and email:

   I'm trying something new: Original Green TV is starting with three genres of shows: 

Promoting Posts (Archive)

   Unlike a typical blog post, I'll continually update this post as my promotion practices change. Here’s the 2017 update.

   As you likely know from reading New Media for Designers + Builders

Promoting Posts in 2017

   I did a Promoting Posts page in 2013 when the book came out and intended to update it, but decided to leave it as an historical artifact for comparisons later on. With the last of 2016 drawing to a close, here’s what I do now:

Selling Without Selling

   Kevin Klinkenberg is an architect, urbanist, and blogger, and he was the first colleague I'm aware of who mastered the art of selling without selling. Here's how he does it, and how he does some other good things as well on

Setting Up Sharing Chiclets

   I use ShareThis to set up my sharing chiclets. There are other sharing services available as well. Here's how you do it:

   Go to the ShareThis homepage and select a chiclet style. I use the plain buttons because you can have more of them because they're narrower. …

Sidebar Font Size

   I've been having to learn CSS in order to customize my Sandvox theme for the new Original Green site. I want 14 point text in the main window and 12 point text in the sidebar. Apparently, 100% text size is 16 point, so the main body text size should be 87.5% of that. …


   I've found a fascinating new networking (of sorts) site. StumbleUpon lets you do two things:

   A. Once you've downloaded their toolbar (works in Firefox, but not in Safari) then you can click "I like it!" …

Supporting Stronger Bloggers

   Kaid Benfield put up this post on his NRDC Switchboard blog one day. Kaid expands substantially on this Original Green blog post dealing with Gifts to the Street. If you don't read Kaid's blog


I finally got my blogs listed on Technorati! If you don't know already, Technorati is supposedly the biggest blog rating service out there. Creating an account was easy enough, but claiming my blogs was almost impossible. …

The Gogo Mistake

   Hoping to get a blog post up a couple hours earlier in the day, I bought a $9.95 flight pass from gogo this morning. BIG mistake! They apparently compress images radically, so every image in my blog post looked really crappy!

What to Do About Nasty Comments


   If you have many readers, you'll eventually get some nasty comments on some of your posts. What should you do about them? You could delete them, of course, but a blog with no negative comments feels sanitized and unreal. …

Why Sandvox?

   I went through months of agonizing over what to do about the demise of iWeb, and ended up with something that's an improvement on several counts: Sandvox comes closest to iWeb's ease of use, but with several advantages:

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