iPhone Icon Maker

   I was making some chiclets for my Original Green site, and wanted the icons to look like iPhone icons. This is because the iPhone is considered the height of cool, and if you're choosing between cook and kludgy, it's clearly better to pick something cool.

   Turns out there's a website that'll do it for you. To make a facebook chiclet, I found that their font is custom made and proprietary, but close enough to Lucida Grande. I scarfed their blue logo color off their website using Apple's Digital Color Meter. The icon maker requires a 57 pixel square image, so I opened a new image that size in PhotoShop and filled it with the facebook blue. Next, I made a white f in Lucida Grande Bold and adjusted it to the right size so that it looked like facebook's. Next, I duplicated that layer and turned the f grey so as to make it look incised. I ended up with this:

   Then, I uploaded the image to the icon maker site and it came back with this:


   The last thing remaining is the background color... I had to match the background color of the Original Green site. I had the best results filling into the solid black one. Then I cropped and ended up with this:

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