Making it Real

   Your blog should be based first on your ideas. They make you remarkable, and that's what makes your business viable. But if you always blog about theory, people are fair to question what happens when your ideas are tested in the real world. As a result, you should blog regularly about how those ideas actually work. There are two general categories of posts that "make it real": posts about getting it wrong, and posts about getting it right. Here are some samples from the Original Green Blog:

Getting it Wrong


The Speed Burden

Costs of Sprawl - Part 1

The Gizmo Green Conundrum

1 Bryant Park and the LEED Problem

LEED for Homes Awards - or - How To Shoot Yourself in the Foot

the WalMart Sustainability Index

Getting it Right

The Ecological Dividend

The Schooner Bay Miracle

The Chael-Dover Cottage - What the Original Green Looks Like

The Web of Daily Life

The Luxury of Small

Original Green Places - South Main

Local Places - Aurea in San Francisco

Tiny Places - Mike & Patty's

Serenbe - A Nourishing Place

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