Polling Readers

   Here's a post I did asking for advice on OG-TV. I got several good responses, both via blog comments and email:

   I'm trying something new: Original Green TV is starting with three genres of shows: BeachWalks, which are the longest segments (up to 10 minutes) will be walks on South Beach from home to office, office to bank, office to grocery, home to another grocery, etc. The idea is to illustrate how easy a walkable lifestyle is when the physical design supports it, with observations on urbanism and architecture along the way.

   Original Green Clips are short segments (2 minutes or so) dealing with a single issue. Original Green Views are a series of discussions about Original Green issues. They address hard points in some way or another, and are also short (2 minutes or so.) Are these ridiculous? Too folksy? Too unfocused? Or embarrassing in some other way that I'm not seeing right now? FWIW, they're intended as a tool accessible by the general public, hence the relaxed approach. Should I keep doing them, or take the page down?


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