Selling Without Selling

   Kevin Klinkenberg is an architect, urbanist, and blogger, and he was the first colleague I'm aware of who mastered the art of selling without selling. Here's how he does it, and how he does some other good things as well on New Urbanism Blog:

   * The entire site is NOT about selling his services. Rather, it's about laying out great ideas for anyone to use. By NOT selling, he establishes authority... which eventually leads to more sales than he would likely ever make otherwise. As a matter of fact, the only way you can even find out about his business is through some innocuous links.

   * It's got great content. Nothing works without useful ideas.

   * He has a good Twitter stream, which you can link to with the Twitter chiclet at the top of the sidebar.

   * Once, Kevin had a feed subscription chiclet, but he has recently moved to direct subscriptions so he doesn't have to worry about problems like FeedBurner possibly going away soon.

   * There's a Categories drop-down menu where you can pull up several categories of posts.

   * He has a YouTube channel, with the most recent videos in the sidebar. If you want to watch one, a larger window pops up in the center of the window.

   * I like the fact that he calls his blogroll "fellow travelers." 

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