Sidebar Font Size

   I've been having to learn CSS in order to customize my Sandvox theme for the new Original Green site. I want 14 point text in the main window and 12 point text in the sidebar. Apparently, 100% text size is 16 point, so the main body text size should be 87.5% of that. Or since CSS seems to like integers, 88%. I finally discovered that you can set the sidebar font size by entering...

#sidebar {font-size: 86%;}

   ... just below the body font definition, near the top of the CSS. You'd think that if you wanted a 12 point sidebar and 16 point was 100% that 12 point would be 75%, right? 

   Wrong. After a lot of trial and error, I discovered that the sidebar percentage refers to the main font size... in other words, it's relative to the main size, not 16 points. So it should be 12/14 = .85713... or 86%.

   Since this was posted, I've discovered a much simpler way of setting font size. If you want 14 point type, just use the following:

   font-size: 14px;

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