I've found a fascinating new networking (of sorts) site. StumbleUpon lets you do two things:

   A. Once you've downloaded their toolbar (works in Firefox, but not in Safari) then you can click "I like it!" on any page you like. If you're the first to like it, it'll ask you for more info and a review (if you want to.) You should do this for all major pages on your website, and also for every blog post. The more people that follow suit, the more likely StumbleUpon will show it to others when you do this...

   B. You can click on the "Stumble!" button and (once you've set up your preferences... really easy to do) it will serve up a web page it thinks you'll like. Sorta like iTunes' Genius recommendations, or Amazon's recommendations, except instead of music or books, it's web pages. Then, you can give each page a thumbs up or thumbs down if you like... the more you do this, the more it tailors to your desires.

   What's the point of Stumbling, other than to promote your own web pages? I've been playing with it for a half-hour or so, and have already stumbled across several really provocative ideas for blog posts, both on this blog and the Original Green Blog. So it's not just recreational (although it definitely is that, too!) See what you think, then tell us all.

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