Supporting Stronger Bloggers

   Kaid Benfield put up this post on his NRDC Switchboard blog one day. Kaid expands substantially on this Original Green blog post dealing with Gifts to the Street. If you don't read Kaid's blog regularly, I'd suggest that maybe you should. He writes frequently and intelligently on issues discussed here, too, but with a perspective you don't always find here.

   Ten minutes later, I discovered that TreeHugger had put up my guest post on Earth Day at 40, thanks to Senior Editor Lloyd Alter. It leads with observations of green progress (or not) over the past 40 years, then moves to the ideal green future, and finishes with "how do we get there?" If you don't know TreeHugger, it's a great green resource with a soft spot for common-sense measures... like preservation.

   In both cases, Kaid and Lloyd have far bigger audiences than I do… by at least an order of magnitude. And they aren't putting this stuff up because of any personal debt to me. Rather, it's simply because they find the ideas useful. So if you produce ideas that are useful to others, you just might find your work exposed to much larger audiences. If so, you should be really grateful. I am.

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