The Gogo Mistake

   Hoping to get a blog post up a couple hours earlier in the day, I bought a $9.95 flight pass from gogo this morning. BIG mistake! They apparently compress images radically, so every image in my blog post looked really crappy!

   I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to make Sandvox load the images again. I'd have been much better off just waiting until I got to the airport to post. Turns out I had to change the names entirely on all the images to get them to reload. Apparently Sandvox is really allergic to reloading the same image, which would ordinarily be a good thing.

   One more note: because this book is so connected to the WorldWideWeb, and because I'm traveling a lot as I finish the book, I bought a month's worth of gogo service while finishing the book for $34.95. It's a huge help. I just don't use it to upload web pages.

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