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Ban Junk Email recently started a National Do Not Mail List, which is similar to the Do Not Call Registry. Junk mail is more than just an annoyance; it's an environmental travesty.  Every year, junk mail production destroys 100 million trees, creating as much global warming emissions equivalent to the emissions of 9 million cars. …

Dedicated IP Address

   When I first moved my email to A2 Hosting, mail to two people I communicate with frequently started bouncing. It turns out that their mail servers didn't like the fact that A2 has lots of customers, who naturally produce lots of email coming from what appears to be one source: the A2 IP address. …

Finding Email Addresses

Here's a very useful link that contains a dozen ways to find someone's email address.

Mac Mavericks Email Signatures

   Apple seems to change their signature system just a bit with each new version of their system software, and Mavericks was no exception. I’ve been meaning to update my signature ever since

MailChimp Subscription Forms

I create new subscription forms infrequently… long enough apart that I forget the procedure from one time to the next. Here’s how I do it:

Log in to MailChimp, then click Lists. Select the list for which you want to create the subscription form. …

Modifying Email Signatures in 2013

Note: This version is correct for MacOS 10.8 Mountain Lion. For MacOS 10.12 Sierra, check out Modifying Email Signatures in 2017.

   I blogged some time ago about the process of creating my email signature

Modifying Email Signatures in 2017

Note: This version is correct for MacOS 10.12 Sierra. For, MacOS 10.8 Mountain Lion check out Modifying Email Signatures in 2013.

   One of the most un-Mac-like things that Apple does is the way it handles HTML email signatures, and it changes slightly with every version of the operating system. …

My Email Signature

   Here's my new email signature:


   Figuring it out was one of the toughest things I've done in awhile. I started the task several times over the last couple years, giving up each time in frustration. …

Simplified Email Signatures

   Scroll down for my new email signature. I blogged nearly two years ago about how I created this signature. Recently, my image hosting service has been screwing up a lot, so I moved the images, necessitating rebuilding parts of the signature. …

Styling Signature Text

   I've just started a partnership with two very good friends, and I'm setting up the email signatures. The site is, and we're likely going to style the text like this:


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