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   I've just started using a really cool iPhone app to geotag my images. The gps4cam app is available for $3.99 on the iTunes Store, and the desktop app (you'll need both) is available for free on 

How to Do a Visual Preference Survey

   Visual Preference Surveys are one great use for a collection of images. A Visual Preference Survey takes the pulse of a group of citizens concerning their preferences between various pairs of objects. …

Image Keywords

   I've finally got my keyword system running... I first blogged about it in Image Management Breakthrough a few months ago. Later, I blogged about my image taxonomy, but that was before I bought a taxonomy from 

Image Management Breakthrough

   Some photo experts may know this already, but this is a seriously big deal for me, liable to save countless hours and also make my work more secure. Here's what's up:

   I'm now beginning to load my 

Images and Storytelling

   Promoting a portfolio of images using some of the images themselves seems like the logical way to do it, but there is another way that might also work for you. Here's a text-only story I told about a trip to Cuba, with lots of links to images that support the story. …

Keyword List

   This is the current state of my image keyword list. I've removed some sections that were purchased from others, as they might have an issue with me posting unaltered portions of taxonomies they have for sale. …

Moving to RAW

   I wrote this a couple years ago, just after I started shooting RAW images. Some of the items are a bit dated, but the principles are all still correct.

   I tried to go RAW on two occasions several years ago, just after I got cameras that would shoot the format. …

Photo Cataloguing

   I got a request from someone recently concerning my methods of naming, tagging, and filing digital images. Here's the response:

   I'm just now getting into tagging, after having shot more than 200,000 digital images over the last decade or so... so I'm still working to develop my tagging methodology. …

Photo Naming & Filing

   Here's how I name and file my digital images:

   I've used a number of different approaches over the years to title the images, and have returned to a simple formula for almost everything I now shoot: [place shot][date][serial number].

Photo Workflow 01 - Copy Images to Master Folder

   I've made several recent improvements to my photo workflow. Here's a summary of how it currently looks, with details below:

   1. Copy Images 
   2. Test GPS Tagging
   3. Run GPS Tagging

Photo Workflow 02 - Test GPS Tagging

   Note: If you have another way of geotagging your photos, skip steps 2 and 3.

   I've just discovered a cool app for geotagging photos. Click here to read how gps4cam works, and so you'll understand the rest of this step. …

Photo Workflow 03 - Run GPS Tagging

   With gps4cam still open, select "GPS in" as your Pictures Input Directory and "GPS out" as your Pictures Output Directory. Click Go. Then go get yourself a cup of coffee or something. …

Photo Workflow 04 - Rename Files

   I use A Better Finder Rename to rename my files. It's $19.95 and well worth it. First, select the name of the folder you're working with ("St. Michaels, MD 11JUL12" or whatever.) Copy. …

Photo Workflow 05 - Scratch Fuzzies

   You'll need Photo Mechanic for several of the next steps. Normally, Adobe creates great products, but Lightroom (and every other photo manager I've seen) pales in comparison to Photo Mechanic. …

Photo Workflow 06 - Convert to DNG

   I shoot RAW images for reasons I've discussed elsewhere. I'd strongly suggest you do the same. If you look at my work before and after I switched from JPG to RAW, you'd likely swear it was from two different photographers. …

Photo Workflow 07 - Set Base Metadata

   My initial reason for buying Photo Mechanic, before realizing all the other great stuff it could do, was to inject metadata (like keywords) into my images. For years, I'd struggled to figure out a database for my image, where I could store their various categories and therefore search for them more easily. …

Photo Workflow 08 - Rate

   I rate all images from 0 stars to 5 stars using Photo Mechanic. 0 stars means it's not a good enough image to ever use for any reason. 5-stars, as you might guess, are my best work. That also means I can go ahead and delete 0-star images and save the disk space. …

Photo Workflow 09 - Set Classes

   A Class, in Photo Mechanic, is a color… one that has a meaning to me. Here's how my Class system works:

   1 Private - Command-1 - Red - images I don't want anyone else to see, for whatever reason… think "honeymoon pictures"

Photo Workflow 10 - Tag

   Finally, we're to the step for which I bought Photo Mechanic. Tagging images with keywords is a really long story in itself. Here's the summary:

   Navigate to the "3 & +" folder in Photo Mechanic. …

Photo Workflow 11 - Process

   Photoshop is cool because it takes all the metadata in your RAW (DNG) files and embeds it into your JPEG files that you save from your DNG files. Here's what I do when I process my files:

Photo Workflow 12 - Set Finder Color

   This one's relatively easy. It's very helpful if the finder color which you set at File>Label matches the colors you used to set the Classes in step 9. To do this, do the following:

   • Cut off all but one of the colors (Classes) in the lower right corner of the main Photo Mechanic window, leaving only that class showing in the window.

Shady Side of the Plane

   Posted on Useful Stuff a few years ago.

   I'm on the way to Dallas for an Original Green speaking engagement. Checking in this morning, I had the opportunity to change seats. I must have been half asleep, because I picked a seat on the right (Eastern) side of the plane, which of course is the sunny side on a morning flight. …

SmartDwelling I Export Settings

   Photos aren't the only images that should look good. Here's what I learned about making SketchUp images look good as well:

   I'll never remember this if I don't post it. The SmartDwelling I images

The Accident that Changed My Photography

   Check out my New York and New Orleans images (posted last week.) They're cooler than usual because I finally learned a little about shooting RAW. Why did I learn? Quite by accident. When we were in Albuquerque a few years ago, I was trying to get the shot below right at the end of the day. …

Why Shoot RAW?

   I moved to shooting RAW images several years ago as a result of this accident. I was hesitant at first, but now I'd never go back. You can do things with RAW images that you could never do with JPGs. …

Why Zenfolio?

   If you want to host images on the web, think about Zenfolio... I've used it for over a year and am delighted. If you sign up, use my referral code (TMZ-JQZ-7BX) and get $5 off.

   If you read 

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