Photo Workflow 01 - Copy Images to Master Folder

   I've made several recent improvements to my photo workflow. Here's a summary of how it currently looks, with details below:

   1. Copy Images 
   2. Test GPS Tagging
   3. Run GPS Tagging
   4. Rename Files
   5. Convert to DNG
   6. Scratch Fuzzies
   7. Set Base Metadata
   8. Rate
   9. Set Classes
   10. Tag
   11. Process

   12. Set Finder Color

Step 1: Copy Images

   I have a master folder outlining all my processing steps to help me remember where I am with a batch of images in case I can't get them completely processed in one sitting (a very rare occurrence except with very small shoots.) The master folder is named ***Master Folder so that it sorts to the top of an alphabetical list. The first step is to duplicate the master folder and rename it for the current shoot. I name the folder using this system. For example, if I'm shooting in St. Michaels, Maryland on July 12, 2011, then I would duplicate the master folder and rename it "St. Michaels, MD 11JUL12". The date gets deleted from the folder name later, but it's useful for two reasons now: it helps clarify that this is a new shoot if I've shot there before so that I don't save a new folder on top of an old folder with different images, thereby losing them. The date is also used in Step 4 to rename the images.

   I use this date convention: The year is the first two digits so images from the same place sort correctly into the years in which they were shot when you put them all in one folder. The next three characters are the month (JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, etc.) This doesn't sort chronologically, but it's immediately obvious to anyone that the middle is the month. I could do the whole thing as numbers (11-07-12 instead of 11JUL12, for example) and it would sort fully, but then is 11-07-12 in 2011, 2012, or even 2007? It's not self-evident. And It's somewhat unusual to do two separate shoots of a single place in one year, but in different months. I do that in Miami Beach (where I live) and in New Orleans (where I travel often for work) but not so much anywhere else. So clarity is more important than occasionally mis-sorted months, IMO.

   The master folder structure mirrors the steps above, and looks like this (indents indicate folders inside the less indented folder above, of course, so for example "test in" and "test out" are inside the "GPS in" folder, which is inside the "-1 Scratch Fuzzies" folder, which is inside the "*** Master Folder"):

   *** Master Folder 
      -1 Scratch Fuzzies 
          GPS in 
              test in 
              test out 
          GPS out 
      -2 Set Base Metadata 
      -3 Rate 
      -4 Set Classes 
      -5 Tag & Process
          2 & - 
          3 & + 
      -6 Set Finder Color (empty) 
      1 Private 
      2 Problem 
      3 Polemical 
      4 Publishable 
      5 Particulars 
      6 Personal 
      7 Pattern 
      8 Put Away

   The last part of Step 1 is to copy the files off my camera's memory stick into the "GPS in" folder, which is inside -1 Scratch Fuzzies, as you can see above. I just do this in the Finder, like copying any other files. No special software needed.

   The next step is to test GPS tagging.

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