Photo Workflow 03 - Run GPS Tagging

   With gps4cam still open, select "GPS in" as your Pictures Input Directory and "GPS out" as your Pictures Output Directory. Click Go. Then go get yourself a cup of coffee or something. Depending on how long the shoot took and how many images you have, it can take up to 10-15 minutes (or possibly more) to geotag all the images. Once it's done, delete the "GPS in" folder. You'll see a folder inside the "GPS out" folder where gps4cam has put the QR code, which you don't need any longer, and also another folder where it has put the trip data. There is a third folder that contains the geotagged images. Don't select this folder, but select all of the images within it. Move all the images to the enclosing "-1 Scratch Fuzzies" folder. Delete the "GPS out" folder, which now only contains the folders with things you no longer need.

   The next step is to rename files.

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