SmartDwelling I Export Settings

   Photos aren't the only images that should look good. Here's what I learned about making SketchUp images look good as well:

   I'll never remember this if I don't post it. The SmartDwelling I images created in the wake of the Wall Street Journal's Green House of the Future story last year featuring my house design with three other architects' designs (including William McDonough of Cradle to Cradle fame) were created after many hours of experimentation with line weights, etc. Here's how it happened:

   Export as jpg from SketchUp, using 6000 pixels as the image width, at 600 dpi. I'm not sure that it matters, but the morning I exported them (while frantically getting ready to do the Gulf Coast Green keynote address) I didn't have my big screen at the office (Apple Cinema Display, 2560x1600) but only my laptop (MacBook Pro 17", 1920x1200). I don't think the monitor makes a difference, but just recording that just in case.

   The bottom line is that exporting this way will create consistent images; using other settings in effect changes the lineweights to create heavier, clunkier-looking images, because SketchUp apparently applies the lineweight based on the size of the image. So a 1-point line is 1 pixel on the image, not one pixel on the screen... or something like that. In any case, use the same settings every time to get the same results every time.

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