Why Zenfolio?

   If you want to host images on the web, think about Zenfolio... I've used it for over a year and am delighted. If you sign up, use my referral code (TMZ-JQZ-7BX) and get $5 off.

   If you read Useful Stuff, you've heard me talk about Zenfolio on several occasions. Here's where I first discovered it, and why I chose it over the competitors. Here's the big image management breakthrough, which Zenfolio handles like a champ. Here's an update on my photo workflow, and its Zenfolio connection. Here are some thoughts on social media, including how Zenfolio fits into my overall plan. Bottom line is, I did a lot of research and they're the clear best choice, IMO, on many counts, including:

   * Coolest, most professional-looking interface of any of the big hosting sites.

   * Simpler and fairer royalty system if you're interested in selling images or prints.

   * Unlimited storage.

   Check it out... see for yourself.

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