What Is a Micro-Blog?

Why Micro-Blog?

     10. Hook Up With Friends

     9. Publicize Speaking Engagements

     8. Publicize Site Updates

     7. Explore New Places

     6. Poll Your Experts

     5. Get Curated Articles

     4. Tweetcast Events

     3. Do Tweet Chats

     2. Capture Quotes

     1. Test Ideas

Micro-Blog Terms

How Do You Micro-Blog?

Top Ten Rules of Micro-Blogging

     10. Cross-Pollinate #FF

     9. Don’t Be Afraid to Unfollow

     8. Don’t Use Direct Messages Unless Replying

     7. Favorite Your Favorites Quickly

     6. Use Hashtags (#) Freely

     5. Use @username

     4. Leave Room for RTs

     3. Give Proper Credit

     2. Follow Useful People

     1. Post Useful Stuff

What Does a Micro-Blog Feed?


Posts on Micro-Blogs

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