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Cross-Pollinating #FF on Twitter

   #FF, or Follow Friday on Twitter is a time for people to tweet about who they most enjoy following, with the thought that others might want to follow them as well. Often, people send #FF tweets for a single category of people, like architects or planners.

Diigo vs. Delicious… Anybody Wanna Win?

   You'd think that two companies competing for a very similar market would each be at the top of their games. You supposedly get fat, dumb, and happy when there's little competition. Not so with 

Proper Credit

   I've noticed that many nice things happen when you give credit where it's due. This is no more evident than in the New Media, which is all about the conversation. It may seem paradoxical to give credit to someone who may have more followers than you since so many people know them and their ideas, but here's why it's a good idea: if they feel you're helping them, then they will reciprocate by promoting you to their larger audience. …

Tweet Chats

   A tweet chat can be fertile territory for great ideas because they're usually attended by people that are both highly knowledgeable and very passionate on the subject of the chat. Few others usually bother to show up. …

Tweetcasting an Event

   Nothing produces Twitter followers faster than tweetcasting an interesting event. Once your followers figure out what you're doing (you should tell them beforehand) then they realize that the next several minutes or hours are going to be a "target-rich environment" for pithy quotes. …

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