Cross-Pollinating #FF on Twitter

   #FF, or Follow Friday on Twitter is a time for people to tweet about who they most enjoy following, with the thought that others might want to follow them as well. Often, people send #FF tweets for a single category of people, like architects or planners.

   Frequently, many of these people know each other and likely already follow each other. Obviously, you pay a lot more attention to your mentions (when someone mentions you) than you do to random tweets in the stream, because someone has said something directly to you or about you. So a #FF tweet from someone else with your name in it gets your attention.

   Recently, I thought I'd try something a bit different... normally, I have so much going on that I don't participate in #FF, but a lot of people show me a lot of love on Twitter, and it seems like the decent thing to show some in return. So what I did was to select cross-sections of people I like, trying with each #FF tweet to mix it up so that most of the people in each tweet would be unlikely to know each other. I'm hoping that as a result, they'll check each other out and the #FF might be more effective than normal because of the cross-pollination.

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