Tweet Chats

   A tweet chat can be fertile territory for great ideas because they're usually attended by people that are both highly knowledgeable and very passionate on the subject of the chat. Few others usually bother to show up. I'd highly recommend that you keep your ear to the ground for tweet chats on subjects for which you have a lot of passion and passable knowledge.

   Tweet chats gravitate around an agreed-upon hashtag (#builtheritage, #smartcode, or #originalgreen, three of my favorites.) You can follow a tweet chat with nothing other than your normal twitter client, whether phone-based, app-based, or a desktop app. Or you can go to, get a username, and participate more smoothly.

   One other note… if you can't possibly attend the tweet chat in realtime, you can time-shift if you like. Just search for the hashtag later, and respond to the most provocative tweets. So long as you include the original author's username, they'll see it and then likely respond to you.

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