Launch Party

   Holding a launch party for a new publication is a great idea. I did this first for the Original Green book. Because it was a paper book, I contacted the coolest bookstore in Miami Beach (Books & Books) and they were happy to host it. They took care of book sales that evening for their normal 40% commission. Their sister company, the Books & Books Cafe, provided all the refreshments. I did several things to promote the event:

   I created a Facebook event and notified all my Facebook friends.

   I did a mailing to my entire mailing list.

   I posted the event on the listservs I frequent.

   I also posted it on the Original Green Cause on Facebook.

   I'm debating how best to launch this book. Obviously, because it won't be sold in a bricks-and-mortar store, it's unlikely that a bricks-and-mortar store would be interested in hosting the party. So I'm likely going to seek out other venues of some sort. Any ideas?

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