Great Facilitators

   The Great Facilitators should be long remembered with thunderous gratitude, because without them, those of us who step up to the microphone often might not have the chance. I've just spent several days in San Diego with Howard Blackson of PlaceMakers. He set up a string of interviews and Original Green speaking engagements for me, then welcomed me into his home, housing and feeding me since Saturday night.

   Last night, I spoke to a standing-room only crowd of several hundred at the New School of Architecture & Design. We sold a case of books, but had a couple cases left over. No problem. Howard and PlaceMakers bought the rest of them to give as gifts to their clients.

   Howard didn't have to do any of these things, but he did, because he believes deeply in the principles behind the Original Green. And because of him, the Original Green is spreading in San Diego. Howard reminds me of two other people who give endlessly of themselves to promote the ideas of others. One is Howard's partner in PlaceMakers, Nathan Norris. The other is my partner in Mouzon Design, who is also my partner in life, Wanda Mouzon. Thanks so much, you guys, for all that you do!

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