I've just used the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. RunKeeper is an iPhone app that  uses the GPS in the phone to track where you're running. It uses the clock in the phone to track how long you take. So at any point, it can give you your speed, your pace, your distance traveled, and your time. Along the way, it announces each mile mark you pass. At the end of the run, it will draw a map of where you've been, complete with mile markers.

   Then, it saves it to the RunKeeper website where you can refer to it in the future. It also tracks your elevation which is especially helpful if it's a mountainous course, although you have to go to the website to see how high you were (above sea level) along the run. Based on distance, time, and elevation, it also calculates the approximate number of calories burned. You can get a free version from the iTunes App Store that has ads, or you can get an advertisement-free version for $9.99. Check it out...

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