Taxi Pickups

   For years, I went through early-morning drama in Miami trying to find a taxi to get to the airport. The problem was the fact that if you call early in the morning, they won't agree to come at a particular time. Instead, all they'll do is send a taxi right then. And it might take a half-hour, or it might be there in three minutes. So instead, I'd just go out and try to flag one down. Leaving on the early flight meant these searches usually occurred at four-something in the morning.

   Finally, I fussed at a taxi driver about it on the way to the airport one morning. He said "but sir, if you call the night before to set up the pickup, we'll come at precisely the time you want us." And so it is! I've found this to be true in every city ever since. I just wish I hadn't waited so long to get to the bottom of the issue.

   But speaking of taxis: Don't even get me started on drivers in places like Cambridge, Massachusetts that make it almost impossible to use a credit card.

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