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Finding Movies in iPhoto

   When you have thousands of photos in iPhoto, it's kinda hard to find the movies if that's all you're interested in at the moment. I found a really cool method just now on Rather than steal this blogger's thunder, why don't you just 

Video Format

   Save yourself a lot of time by reading the specs below. I worked countless hours over a couple weeks to try to figure out the best video format for my purposes. I went down numerous dead ends, and filtered through indecipherable gibberish about strange beasts like codecs. …

Video Workflow

   Here's my video workflow used in OGTV on the Original Green site. I use a very similar process in TA-TV on the Mouzon Design site. Your workflow may vary somewhat depending on the look and feel of the video you're creating.

YouTube Awakening

   Thinking you have it figured out is really a bad idea with the New Media. I had two speaking engagements in Portland in the spring of 2011, and one of the attendees at the Cascadia CNU

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