YouTube Awakening

   Thinking you have it figured out is really a bad idea with the New Media. I had two speaking engagements in Portland in the spring of 2011, and one of the attendees at the Cascadia CNU Summit was Ruth Ann Barrett of, which is a site with lots of short videos by green leaders. Ruth Ann is one of the most plugged-in white-headed people I've ever met, which really impresses me, because she's helping shatter the notion that you have to be 17 to get it.

   It didn't take long for the conversation to turn to New Media. She asked what I was doing in town, and I told her about the series of lectures I was doing at Pella's Pro Expos in 15 cities around the country in 2010 (including the one a couple days previously in Portland.) I spoke twice at each Pro Expo; the second lecture is about New Media for Designers & Builders.

   Ruth Ann asked "what's your presence on YouTube?" I told her I'd put up a few videos, and that a few other people had as well. We were walking down the street to lunch at the time, and she stopped dead in her tracks, turned around and looked at me in disbelief. "Steve, YouTube is the second most-searched site on the internet! You really must have a serious presence there!"

   She had lots of great recommendations, ideas, and tips... and she was compelling enough that I re-thought the entire ecosystem diagram on which New Media for Designers + Builders based. I created the Videos node for YouTube and other video outlets. Thanks, Ruth Ann! And BTW, here's the really short video she shot of me, just as I was about to dash off and catch my streetcar to the airport. And yes, expect to see a lot more videos soon on the Original Green Channel, on OGTV and on TA-TV on!

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