Folder Structure Shortcut

   When you create a website, you need a good way of organizing the files on your computer that you'll use to create both the underlying graphics of the pages and also the content of the site. Ideally, the folders you create on your computer to store this stuff should pretty closely mirror the structure of the site itself.

   I figured out an easier way to build the folder structure. Creating every folder from scratch seems like a lot of wasted time, especially since some information repeats every time. So I created a master folder which looks like this:

   I copy this master folder, with its nested sub-folders, into each new page's location. I change the word "Master" to whatever the page name is, like "Open-Source Tools." I then drop the folder into A Better Finder Rename, with "Process Subfolders and their Contents" checked, and change the 0.0 to whatever the number is for the page. It changes the folder, and all the folders within it. A big time-saver. Maybe that was obvious to everyone else already, but it's a new trick to me. Cuts the time to build the new site structure to less than 1/4 of building it manually.

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