Making Friends with Google


   Sandvox makes getting friendly with Google easier than any app I've seen to date. Begin at the Document Inspector and the Site tab. Click on Configure under Google Tools at the bottom of the window and it will bring up the window above. It's pretty self-explanatory. Visit Google Webmaster Tools and do what it says at the top of the page, then click on Publish Google Sitemap. Next, click on the Google Analytics tab and follow the instructions there as well. Performing these tasks appeared impossible at first in iWeb, and it took me months to figure it out. Doing the same in Sandvox was a breeze that only took a few minutes.

   By the way, make sure you publish a regular sitemap page as well. Go to New in the toolbar and select Sitemap. I'd suggest putting it under the top-level About tab or whatever you call it on your website. Or if there is no About tab, put it under your Subscribe page where people subscribe to your mailing list, as this is another good spot for miscellaneous utility pages that don't appear in the site navigation bar.

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