Selected Topics

New Media

New Media for Designers + Builders Overview

Why to Blog and How

Micro-Blogging Strategies

Older New Media

Building a Useful Image Store

Publishing Today

Online Communities for Designers + Builders

Your Video Channel


The Original Green

Nourishable Places (Agrarian Urbanism)

Accessible Places (Walkability & Biking)

Serviceable Places (Mixed-Use Urbanism & Building Types)

Securable Places (Antidotes to Gated Subdivisions)

Lovable Buildings (Forgotten Prerequisite to Sustainability)

Durable Buildings (Longer, Not Just Stronger)

Flexible Buildings (Why the Program is Overrated)

Frugal Buildings (Natural Measures First)

Deep Green

Living Traditions & Sustainability

Preservation & Sustainability


Private Frontage Secrets

The Sky Method (Organic Development Paradigm)

Sprawl Repair

Transect-Based Transportation

Context-Based Public Works Manual



Town Architect Services (Latest Methods)

Building Smaller & Smarter

Coding Architecture (Recent Pattern Book Developments)

Details of the New Urbanism

Storm Resistant Architecture

Do’s and Don’ts of Doors & Windows

Town Center Buildings (A New Toolkit)


Living Site Design (Outdoor Living Rooms)


Caribbean Rim Architecture (Tropical Vernacular)

New Orleans Architecture


Working With Builders (Living Tradition Methods)

Manufactured Architecture

Architecture Delivery Methods


Social Media and the New Urbanism

Setting Up a Guild

Press Release Template

   If you’re hosting one of Steve’s New Media lectures, you might be able to use this template as a starting point for your press releases.


   Steve Mouzon, Miami architect and author, will be in [insert city] on [insert date] to discuss New Media for Designers + Builders. This is New Media for those more involved in bricks and mortar than clicks and orders… anyone involved in figuring out what to build or getting it constructed. Steve will be speaking at {insert venue and time] There will be a reception afterwards. Everyone is invited.

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