UP by Jawbone


iPhone app

   The UP wristband by Jawbone has been a game-changer for my personal fitness, which is a good thing because if I'm not sitting down to travel somewhere, I'm sitting in front of the computer, and sitting for long periods of time has been identified as a health threat comparable with smoking. Simply put, "sitting is the new smoking."

   There are several fitness-tracking systems out there, but I chose the UP in May 2013 because it does much more than the others. It doesn't just track your activity (with reports for time active, passive and active calorie burns, etc.) like the others do, but it also tracks your sleeping as well, and whether it's sleeping all night or a power nap, it vibrates to wake you up when you're at the proper place in your sleep cycle. Really smart! It also has helpful insights based on your recent track record.

   The only downside is that because you're wearing this thing on your wrist all the time (including in the shower) they can sometimes fail. Mine died recently. The good news is that when I contacted support and did all their recommendations to no avail, they sent me a new one for free and I sent the old one back in the same package. And I didn't gain any weight while waiting for the new one, in part because of the discipline I'd gained living with the UP band.

   As you can see, there are two links here: the UP band is on Amazon, whereas the iPhone app you'll need to sync it with is on Apple's App Store. That's why I've included this page in both the Hardware and Software sections.

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