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   OmniFocus is, quite frankly, the best organizing tool I have ever used. It does all the normal things that other organizing tools do, except more nimbly and with less fuss than most. And then it adds another layer known as "Contexts" where you assign each task to a context where you can get that task done. It could be a person, place, or thing. Maybe you just need an internet connection, or maybe you need to be at your office, or maybe you're supposed to pick up something from the grocery. You can ask OmniFocus to only show you the tasks you can do at this time, at which point it will only show you tasks with nearby contexts… because it can tell from your iPhone or iPad's GPS what you're near. Cool, eh? And because it syncs everything to the cloud, you can use your iPhone, your iPad, and your Mac interchangeably… just pick up the one that's closest.

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