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   Several New Media nodes involve sitting in front of a computer getting very little exercise, as do many other things today. Builders once got more physical activity than designers ever did, but even the builders have lots of desk (sitting) time today. So it's more important all the time to keep track of our fitness.

   I discovered the Withings Smart Body Analyzer several months ago. It's the smartest scale I've ever seen, measuring not only your weight, but also your heart rate, body fat, and indoor air quality. And it's smart enough to get on the internet and mail in your readings to your iPhone, where you can analyze them with your Withings app.

   I was so happy with the Smart Body Analyzer that I decided to get the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor a couple months later. I'd been to the doctor a few months earlier, and my blood pressure was a bit high, which was unusual. They wanted to put me on blood pressure medicine, but I wasn't anxious to do that, so I held off. After a couple weeks with my Blood Pressure Monitor, it became clear that mine is ideal nearly all of the time. Must've been the act of going to the doctor's office… that's enough to get anyone's blood pressure up, isn't it?

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