Tossing or Cleaning

   Is our fondness for tossing stuff out a symptom of our aversion to cleaning things or caring for things? Our old coffeemaker died after 15 years or so, so we got a new one that looks much more durable. Hopefully, my kids will get it when I die. It consumes nothing but coffee and water; no cartridges, no filters. The filter is permanent but you've gotta wash it each time you use it. I'm surprised to find that I'm a bit annoyed at having to wash it out.
   This is not good. How can we make stuff last if we don't want to clean it or take care of it? How will we hand things down to the next generation if we toss them before then?
   Clearly, this is a matter of conditioning. Nearly all humans that lived before or were living in 1929 cared for and cleaned their stuff without even thinking of it. That was just part of daily life. Because we're made of the same genetic material, I'm sure we can condition ourselves this way, too. We simply need to get started.

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