Apple's Magic Mouse

   I bought a Magic Mouse right after they came out a few weeks ago, but Mac OS 10.6.1 didn't support it. 10.6.2, which does, was released a few days ago, so I'm getting to use the full functionality for the first time, and it's incredibly cool! The ability to scroll, zoom, etc., just by strokes on the back of the mouse (sounds like petting a puppy or something) is something that mice haven't allowed until now. And the scroll is far better than scrolling with a wheel. Rather, this is like scrolling on an iPhone, where if you give it a nudge, it keeps flowing until it slows down and stops... "scrolling with momentum." Check it out... I'm gonna buy one for everyone in my office. If anyone from my office is reading this, save yourself the time... go down to the Apple Store and pick them up so you can start enjoying them before I get back!

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