I've been having a months-long nightmare with a Canon imagerunner 2018, and when I got a new computer today, I had to install the printer driver. Previously, the tech support people had done their mumbo-jumbo and basically told us that we needed to call our IT department if we ever wanted to install the drivers on another computer, because it's too complicated for mere mortals. Well, we run a very small office and I've always bought Macs because I don't want to need an IT department. I am the IT department.

   Canon said they'd come out and do it for $150/hour, but that's just ridiculous, so I set about trying to figure out how to do it myself. And sure enough, nothing worked in a normal manner. I'd post the process here to help myself remember it, but we're going to get rid of the Canon and get something else, so there's no point.

   But the point of the post is the driver itself. After hunting through the Canon website and finding no drivers for this printer on a Mac, I started Googling. The site I found was And they had three different Mac drivers for this printer. So I installed them, and still, nothing worked. So I had to do something I hate to do: read the manual. And sure enough, buried on page 34 in the middle of a bunch of useless instructions that didn't work, was a hint that led to another hint that led to finally being able to figure it out. And so I'm up and running again... thoroughly disgusted with Canon, but happy to know about

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