iPhone Tethering

   Some may have done this for ages, but I just figured out in late 2010 how to tether my iPhone to my MacBook Pro. I remember trying it before Snow Leopard and it was complicated... sort of felt like a hack or a patch. Now, it's all built into the system. Go to Setting>General>Network and turn Internet Tethering on. Then, just follow the instructions. You'll have to go to AT&T and change your plan; they charge an extra $15/month for tethering, but I'm now debating dropping Boingo and/or TMobile hotspots, as tethering likely will do the job. Plus, you can tether your laptop to the internet from anywhere you have phone access, not just at a hotspot. I'm going to test it for a month or so and see how it goes, but if I can actually drop the other services, then it'll save money. Thanks, Apple!

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