I finally got my blogs listed on Technorati! If you don't know already, Technorati is supposedly the biggest blog rating service out there. Creating an account was easy enough, but claiming my blogs was almost impossible. I tried probably a dozen times over six months to claim the blogs, but to no avail. Something always went inexplicably wrong. Finally, I hit upon a little tweak, and it worked. Go figure. In any case, you've gotta claim your blogs for them to start gaining authority with Technorati. Authority comes when other blogs link to you.

   Two other things...

   1. Depending on which blog software you use, you may need to "ping" Technorati whenever you do a new blog post. Typepad supposedly pings Technorati automatically, but Technorati was about 50 days behind on the Useful Stuff blog... but when I pinged it, it brought it up to the minute. iWeb makes no pretenses about pinging, so you've gotta do that yourself. Either way, ping to be safe.

   2. When you do a blog post, fave it on Technorati. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it's gotta help.

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