Photo Workflow 12 - Set Finder Color

   This one's relatively easy. It's very helpful if the finder color which you set at File>Label matches the colors you used to set the Classes in step 9. To do this, do the following:

   • Cut off all but one of the colors (Classes) in the lower right corner of the main Photo Mechanic window, leaving only that class showing in the window.

   • Select all of the images.

   • Drag them to their appropriate sub-folder inside your shoot's main folder (1 Private, 2 Problem, 3 Polemical, etc.)

   • Go to the finder and open that folder. Set the color Label in the Finder to match the color Class in Photo Mechanic.

   • Move the files out to the shoot's main folder.

   • Repeat with each Class until you're done. Whew! But now you have a collection of images that's eminently more useful than they would otherwise be.

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