Thanks for Foreword

   This should go without saying, but you should publicly thank the person who writes your Foreword. Here's what I posted on Useful Stuff when Bobby Kennedy Jr. agreed to write the foreword to the Original Green:

   I just spoke to Bobby Kennedy Jr. on Friday, and I'm delighted and honored that he'll be doing the Original Green foreword! His wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, attended the very first Original Green workshop in New York years ago, and they have rebuilt their flood-damaged house according to Original Green principles. Also, I've just finished drawings on the Kennedy Katrina Cottage, which they'll be building shortly behind their home to replace their original guest house that was crushed by a falling tree. The point of saying all that is that Bobby isn't just writing the foreword to be a nice guy. Rather, he's been supporting, advocating for, and living the broader definition of sustainability that the Original Green represents for years. Thanks so much, Bobby!

   PS: As soon as I have the foreword in hand, we'll set a release date. Looks like early May.

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