Video Workflow

   Here's my video workflow used in OGTV on the Original Green site. I use a very similar process in TA-TV on the Mouzon Design site. Your workflow may vary somewhat depending on the look and feel of the video you're creating.


   I shoot on my iPhone because the quality of the iPhone 4 back camera is so good, and because I always have it on me.


   Import clips to iPhoto 11 because that's the easiest way of getting them off the phone, deleting them once they're downloaded so they don't clog the phone (they can be massive.) I can see all my iPhoto videos from inside iMovie 11's Event Library, so getting them into iMovie is no problem. If you need to see them all in one place in iPhoto, here's an easy method.

New Project

   Create a new project in iMovie's Project Library window by clicking the plus in the lower right corner. This will open the project's window in the upper left, where the Project Library window was a moment ago. Drag the clips you'll be using into the window. Normally, I have just one clip as I try really hard to say everything I want to say in one take.


   Click on the T in the middle right of the window to bring up the Title Browser. Drag the Centered title (upper left) into the project's window, to the beginning of the project. Drag another Centered title to the end of the project. Each time you drag a title, it'll ask you for a Background. I first started to use Gradient, but use whatever makes the most sense with your videos. I now overlay the opening title on the first 3.5 seconds of the clip rather than on a gradient background. I do this because it's more interesting to scroll through the clips and actually see the starting image, rather than just seeing text. I suspect that text alone might cause some people to close the window, whereas text overlaid on the beginning of the clip may help induce them to click the Play button.

   Double-click each title in turn, then double-clicking the text to select it. Then, change the font, color, and special features to what you're looking for. I use Futura Extra Bold, no outline, with the Original Green color. Change your titles. I use the title of the clip at the beginning, with the name of the participants (normally just me, sometimes Wanda as well) at the beginning, then at the end.


   Click on the Transitions tab, just right of the T (Titles) tab in the central right of the iMovie window. This will bring up all available transitions. I use Cross Dissolve. Drag a transition between the titles and each end of the clip(s.)


   Because the final credit is only the website (which is quicker to read than the opening title) I select the last second of the final credits and delete it, leaving 2.5 seconds of final credits and the default 3.5 seconds of opening titles. They each come in at 4 seconds to begin with, but once you insert the transitions, it clips a half-second off each end.

Video Effects

   Click the little gear in the lower left corner of the beginning of each clip and select Clip Adjustments. Under Video Effects, select Cartoon for OGTV videos and Hard Light for TA-TV videos. Cartoon has a dreamy look and saves video size because the soft focus means adjacent pixels are more similar. Hard Light is bigger, but necessary to clearly show construction details in TA-TV.

Upload Preparation

   In iMovie, click File>Share>File. Type a description, then tag the video appropriately. Format should be Video and Audio. Select 1080p resolution, Quality: High, and Compress: Faster. Then click Next to tell iMovie where to put the file. Once the movie has been successfully created, open it and select the best point in the first few seconds when the title is still visible. Pause the movie and Copy. Go to Photoshop and Paste into a new file. Save it in the same place as the movie; for me, it’s in my Movies to Upload folder on my iMovies drive. This is your title image, or “custom thumbnail,” as YouTube calls it, which is the still image YouTube shows before the video begins to play.


   You can upload to YouTube directly from iMovie, but if you have several brand channels as I do, it’s a bit tricky to get your video on the right page. The easier way is to export (as noted above) to a file, then upload the file to the YouTube brand channel where it belongs. Once you start the upload, it’s easy to add your custom thumbnail. 

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